Day 2: favourite character(s)

Jack Shephard + Kate Austen

that awkward moment when you realise you can tell which episode a screen cap is from just by the bruises/injuries on your favourite character’s face

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life is so hard when you have twenty tv shows to watch

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I am so not okay with the fact that next week is Under the Dome’s last episode (and the fact that the show has not been renewed). I know this season hasn’t been the best but GODDAMMIT I am going to miss Julia and Barbie because somehow this season I fell even more in love with them than I thought possible and I am not ready to say goodbye whether it’s only for a hiatus (or God forbid forever)!

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"So if someone has to die, then let it be me."

#HOLY SHIT  #she got prettier and prettier as the season went on  #how is that even possible?  #it should be illegal to be this gorgeous  #anyways  #can we talk about this?  #Julia pls shut up! stop talking!  #she can’t die  #she’s your monarch  #pls don’t die  #think about barbie  #you mean so much more to him than Melanie  #he fucking needs you  #STOP TRYING TO PROTECT EACH OTHER BY SACRIFICING YOURSELVES  #EVERY FUCKING TIME  #JUST STOP  #IT HURTS  #it’s beautiful but iT FUCKING HURTS  #*sighs deeply*  #idiots  #in which Julia is so done with the dome’s bullshit  

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"your full name without an E,F,R,S,K,I,M,L,C,A,Y,N"

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#it is not a true otp unless they have tried to kill each other at least once

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Day 1: favourite season(s)

i wanted to say all of them but i managed to narrow it down to only three. seasons 1, 3 (yes s3 - WE HAVE TO GO BACK) and 6.

Anyone else notice that Barbie was wearing his dog tags again this episode? You know what that means right? There’s a missing jarbie scene in there that we didn’t get to see. And since they started the episode with hem packing I bet that’s when it happened. Julia found the with her stuff and gave have them back to him and it could have the most perfect little scene and we didn’t get to witness it and I am angry and sad