30 Day Writing Challenge ~ 6/30


He’s been alone for almost all his life, it feels strange being with someone. What he had with Maxine before was… different. It was fun and wild and volatile. It was unhealthy on all levels, but still they were never together. He constantly tried to convince himself that being alone is better, that he’s a lone wolf, that he wouldn’t do well in a relationship. That he wasn’t good enough to deserve it.  It’s not all that it’s cut out to be, he used to tell himself.

But just a few days into his relationship with Julia, he realizes just how wrong he has been. It is not in the big things, in the grand gestures or the huge changes. It is in the small things, in the indiscernible moments and the subtlest of changes.  It is in the involuntary smile that spreads across his face when he wakes up in the morning with her head resting against his chest, her warm breath on his skin. It is in the radiance of the smile she gives him as she hands him his morning cup of coffee, in the perfect way her hand fits in his, and how empty it feels when she lets go. It is in the way his heart skips a beat when he sees her in a crowd and she gives him that smile.

He finds it in the comfort of the weight of body leaning against his as they finally come back home and spend the evening silently on the couch. It is in the sound of her laughter echoing in his soul, the brightness of her gaze when they talk. It is never going to bed alone or waking up without her warm body nestled safely in his arms.

It is in the feeling of her lips against his, the feeling of finally being home.










the relationship between Henry and Abraham on Forever is just GUH!! my heart!



Favorite quote(s)

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writing tip #700:



your characters are like geodes


if you want to see what they’re really made of


you must break them

this is so good i dont even know how to describe it just GUYS

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It hurts to love a fictional character so much

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The adventures of a cute little doodle!  by ELYXtroqman | Instagram

Here is “ELYX“, a cute little doodle wandering through Paris, France as well as various parts of the world through the sketchbook of YAK, its creator, who draws his mascot for more than 3 years! Some adorable, funny and creative adventures to follow on his Instagram account or on his website: ELYX.

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If you f o r g e t the way to go, and lose where you came from; if n o  o n e is standing beside you, be still and know I am.

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30 Day Writing Challenge ~ 5/30

5. Rain

It rains the first time they kiss, or rather; they kiss the first time it rains. After a day riddled with madness and chaos, the rain brings order. It brings familiarity, normalcy and a promise that they just might survive this. We’re gonna be okay.  She whispered the words against his neck and suddenly the days toil and the insanity it brought with it seemed to just… disappear. Replaced with her soft breath against his skin, her rapid but steady heartbeat against his chest, it promised of him of something, of a chance, of a better tomorrow.

It rains the last day they spend together under the dome. Things happen very fast, too fast for anyone to stop and think and they just act. The dome is contracting, the weather is deteriorating and people are dying and they are just trying to survive. Survival is counted by hours, not days or weeks. People panic, argue, and they just take it one step at a time. Try to get them to load onto the buses and that alone is proving a hard task. At the crater, the rain stops and he finally convinces everyone that they have no other choice. When he kisses her then, her wild red hair still damp, he doesn’t know it will be their last kiss for a while, even though she knew Pauline’s vision had to have some tragic repercussions to it. So she pulls him in to another kiss. I love you too.

It rains when they finally reunite, months after their separation in the tunnels. He keeps his promise; I’m coming back for you, as she knew he would, but she and Junior had long since left Chester’s Mill when he finds a way back. He doesn’t stop looking for her, and neither does she stop trying to find her way to him. He looks different, thinner, more scars on his face than she remembers. She looks exactly the same, the most beautiful thing he could ever imagine. He sees Junior first, and then when he sees her, the first drop of rain falls on his cheek. For months he has been a drowning man, searching for shore, and when he runs to her, bodies colliding, lips crashing, the flood from the heavens mixes with the tears that fall unabashedly.

It rains when he proposes. They’re on the road, of course, they’re always on the road, never been able to stay put, not since it ended, not since the way it ended. They stop at a gas station, and he fills up as she steps into the store for a few things. They drive a beat up old truck, all their belongings fitting in the back. They travel from city to city, town to town, sometimes they rent a small apartment, sometime they stay at a motel, and sometimes, if they don’t plan on staying long, they just sleep under the stars. They are somewhere in California when he gets on knee and asks the question. It isn’t especially romantic, in the traditional sense of the word. But he waits for her to come out of the store and reaches into his pocket, gets down on one and just about as he opens his mouth to speak, it starts pouring. Nothing gentle and soft, instead, it’s the kind of rain that could shatter a window. He knows he will have to scream for her to hear him but he has been hesitating for too long and he won’t back up now. She is laughing at the top of her lungs as he struggles, his knee deep in mud, his whole body drenched but when he finally says the words, will you marry me?, she’s right there with him, knees just as deep in the wet and her arms wrap around his neck, her lips on his instantly. And when they finally break apart, she has to scream over the downpour to say, YES.

It rains when she tells him she is pregnant. They still haven’t settled down in one place, even though they’d made a stop somewhere along the way, in a small town of three hundred residents, stepped into the town hall and gotten married. He had folded the marriage license and put it in his back pocket and she wouldn’t let him hear the end of it. They’re watching the sunset and she’s reading him post cards from their friends when she suddenly stops and rests her head on his shoulder. He takes her hand in his, his thumb gently tracing over her skin, and he brings it to his lips and feathers light kisses against her knuckles. It looks like it’s gonna rain, she muses and he asks her is she wants to go inside. No, I want to tell you something, she says. And his face lights up like a Christmas tree when she tells him just as the first drops of autumn rain land on her eyelashes.

It rains the first night they move into the first real house they buy. Their daughter is already three years old and has spent the first three years of her life on the road with her parents. Sure, it doesn’t sound like proper parenting, but it worked for them. She’s a split image of her mother; wild red hair, a sea of freckles and the brightest blue eyes. She has her father wrapped around her finger, which only infuriates her mother. She is running up and down the stairs, jumping on the bed in her bedroom, (she still doesn’t believe she has a bedroom all for herself). She takes off her shoes and starts sliding on the wood floor in her socks, twice sliding straight into her father who carries boxes into the house. She giggles loudly, announcing her apology to him before sliding in the other direction. By early evening, she has worn herself out and snuggles on the couch between her parents, a warm cup of cocoa held tightly in her grasp, she is starting to fall asleep when the first drops of rain play against the roof, Barbie and Julia look at each other and smile, a twinkle of mischief in both their eyes. He kisses her quickly, a kiss laced with a lustful promise and carries their daughter upstairs to her bedroom, leaving Julia waiting impatiently for his return. 

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Favorite episode: Black Ice [2x11]

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not an overreaction

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You know what? I’m glad Big Jim didn’t die in the finale. Dying would be too good for him, after everything he has done, all the people he has killed and especially after going after Julia. No I want him to live, and it want Barbie to find his way back, rescue Julia (and Junior did) and then I want him to find Big Jim and make.him.suffer.

day seven: whatever you want → the cas
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LOST APPRECIATION WEEK: DAY 6 — favorite scene: the church scene, 5x18

"The most important part of your life was the time that you spend with these people. Nobody does it alone, Jack. You needed all of them, and they needed you."

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